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Asphalt Patching or Replacement

Often times, asphalt will develop cracks or potholes as a result of high traffic, excessive freeze-and-thaw cycles, or standing water. In many cases, asphalt patching is an economical solution that will prevent further deterioration and more expensive repairs. Sometimes, however, asphalt replacement is necessary because the existing base has been affected. Wyo Pavement will take the time to review your jobsite and let you know whether patching is adequate, or if the asphalt needs to be replaced.

In either case, the damaged area is squared and saw cut, then excavated to a depth that ensures stability of the patch or new asphalt. Aggregate, if needed, is added and compacted, preparing the area for new asphalt. Hot mix is added, rolled and compacted. The result is a patch that is level with the surrounding asphalt.

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